Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gillus back!!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve added to the blog…… mainly because I’ve been shit!
But I’m going to aim for a 2 weekly update from next week…

Well since Oct the 1st (wow it has been along time since I posted) anyway, I have finished the first 1750 of my Fel Orks and used them for the first time at a tournament!  Granted I lost all but 1 of my games and won the wooden spoon….. but I had a lot of fun and met some great people.  I did also get nominated for best painted army, which was an unexpected bonus (and in my opinion I should have won ;-) )
So I’ve taken a break from painting the fel orks and started a new project for a couple of tournaments next year, Caledonian uprising and the Independent GT I’ve put links at the bottom of the blog.
I’ve started a kind of pre-heresy wordbearer army but using the chaos book, so you could say it’s a just breaking of the heresy army.

I’ve also spent the last week in Scotland playing warhammer and 40k with a mate of mine, it’s made me decide that I’m doing High elves I’ll get some picture of both armies once I have some built/painted and the lists I am going to use.

Gillus out! 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Long fangs WiP / Wolves Update

So, Rob here with a bit of an update in where my wolves are heading at the moment.

I've had to pull my finger out a bit as I've challenged Romeo from to a game of 40k at GW head office at the end of this month, so I've got 5 Grey Hunters, 2 Wolf Guard, 6 Long Fangs and 4 Thunderwolf cavalry to get done by just after Games Day.

I've ordered Forgeworld missile launchers for my Long Fangs as I fondly remember thinking the missile launcher in the old RTB01 was the coolest thing in the world so all my heavy weapon chaps are having those and I've built two units ready for their arrival as I've got 2 units at 1750 points

So there we are! Tomorrow will be spent on Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard & I'l try to get them ready for weathering by the end of the day.   

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ork's Ork's everywhere

Well this week I've mostly been painting more Orks and then more Orks..........

I've almost almost finished the entire 1500 Ork army done and decided to add some new bits and pieces to make it larger, so I've invested in a unit of Storm Boyz, 3 bikers and a Battlewagon.  The Battlewagon has been built and painted and the rest have been built and undercoated (I'll get some pics put up soon).  The bikers are been converted into Nob bikers to add some punch to my army as well as too draw some fire from my dreads, which means I need to build me a warlord on bike too..... or maybe buy the forgeworld but if I did that I'd need to buy the Nob bikers too one.

I've also converted 2 Ork Scorchas for my army built from 2 deff coptas that I had left over and the heavy flamers from the baal predator (luckily I built my baal with assault cannons and heavy bolters)

On the warhammer front things have been a little quiet, I've played one game against Rob but only got 2 turns as the club closes at 9.30 which sucks but hey ho. I used my Ogres which seemed to work very well in 8th edition, so I'm torn between re-doing my Ogres and a new army for 8th.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gills first blog post

So yeah new blog site which we both can access!!!

Well I've been working on my 40k Orks for a 1500 point tournament Northern Warlords GT held in the end of Sept.  It's a new army which I have never collected before so I've been enjoying painting them and doing some new things.

heres my list!

Big Mek 35
Kustom force field 50
Total 85

Big Mek 35
Shokk attack gun 60
Total 95

X30 Boyz 180
Nob 10
Klaw 25
Total 215 X 2 = 430

Deff Dread 75
+2 ccw 30
Riggers 5
Armour plates 10
Total 120 X 2 = 240

X3 Deffkoptas 105
Rokkits 30
Total 135 X 2 = 270

X3 Killa Kanns 105
Kustom mega blastas 60
Total 165 X 2 = 330

And here are some pictures of the army so far, now it's not all finished so please excuse the unfinishedness and they do look alot better in the flesh... damm me and my excellent camera!

I'll also give you a preview of my next project for 40k

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Finished Space Wolf Unit

So, First unit of wolves finished, 8 Grey Hunters & Rhino.

First time in nearly 8 years I think I've got a fully painted infantry unit for the puppies, its about bloody time. Been fun tinkering about with oils & stuff though, tried to get a bit 'historical military modeller' about the whole project & I've enjoyed that.

I've put a kind of step by step below if anyone's interested and of course all the photos are available here >>>>>> <<<<<<

On the Rhino:

The main armour was all airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics in a few quick steps.

1) Entire Model sprayed with Tamiya XF-18 Medium Blue (effectively shadow grey)

2) All panel lines Sprayed over with XF-1 Flat Black to add pre-shading.

3) Entire Model Lightly oversprayed with progressively lighter mixes of XF-18 & XF-23 Light Blue (Spacewolf grey*ish*)

4) All the rivets and surface textures were then dotted with Mig Productions 'Abteilung-Light Rust' Oil paint which was feathered out with a clean brush & some turps, a few bits got a couple of goes at this to make them all a bit different.

5) Top hatch was sprayed XF-1 Flat Black then the dags were masked off with tape & the rest was sprayed XF-7 Flat Red

6) A thin sand coloured wash was mixed up from the Following oil paints

Yellow Ochre Pale
Raw Umber Light
Titanium White

This was pretty much put everywhere on the side panels & front plate, every time I needed more I mixed it a tiny bit different to make it that bit more random.

7) Once all that was dry the lower edges were liberally plastered in Tamiya 'Grit Effect Light Sand Diorama Texture Paint' (Longest name Ever!) Details picked out etc etc & thats about it!

On the Marines:

Steps 1-4 were the same as the Rhino.

5) Armour Creases & piping painted in Burnt Umber Oil Paint

6) Shoulder Pauldrons Painted Vallejo Black

7) Eye Lenses Painted Vallejo Emerald

8) Weapons Painted in Vallejo Gunmetal Metal  then washed with thinned Tamiya X-19 Smoke

9) Dry Weapons dulled with Davy's Gray oil paint

10) Gold sections painted in Vallejo Bronze & then washed & dulled exactly like stages 8&9

11) Dags blocked in XF-7 Flat Red

then to finish them off repeat stages 6&7 from the Rhino blurb above!


Object lit Eyes:-

Viridian Hue & titanium White Oil paints simply & quickly blended with a clean turps damp brush, SO MUCH EASIER than with acrylics.